Where can I get a Root Canal in West Texas?

Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic treatment, is a highly effective method for treating a tooth that has sustained irreversible damage to its nerve supply in order to preserve it in the dental arch. At Lubbock Endodontics, we utilize leading-edge technology and methods to provide the most precise and gentle root canal in West Texas. Our highly skilled endodontists and office team prioritize your comfort throughout treatment, offering comforting amenities and options in dental sedation for a worry-free experience.

Root Canal in West Texas

Underneath the outermost biting surface of each tooth is a layer of core tissues, blood vessels and nerves, which comprise the dental pulp. When a tooth is compromised by injury or decay, bacteria can enter the dental pulp, causing an infection. If you have a toothache, which may be accompanied by fever and swelling, it is important to seek care right away, as oral discomfort can be a sign of damage within the dental pulp and more serious infection. As one of the first steps in care, we perform a thorough examination, with the use of advanced digital radiography, as needed. Your sensitivity to various stimuli, such as hot and cold temperatures or pain when biting down, will also help to determine if root canal therapy is needed.  With the use of advanced microsurgical techniques, our endodontist can obtain a clear and complete visualization of the roots of the tooth, to provide treatment with the utmost precision. Our endodontist will remove the damaged dental pulp, clean the tooth, then seal the canals of the teeth with inert, biocompatible materials. Throughout your root canal in West Texas we’ll keep you informed and at ease, and can utilize safe and controlled sedation techniques for a more relaxing experience.

At Lubbock end-dentists, our goal is help you maintain healthy, functional teeth  throughout your life.  A root canal in West Texas as performed by our office has a high rate of success for resolving infection, alleviating the discomfort of a toothache and maintaining your natural teeth in the dental arch. To learn more about root canal therapy or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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