Where Can I Find An Endodontist In Lubbock?

When your tooth is severely decayed or has been damaged as the result of an injury, the best course of treatment recommended for saving your tooth may very well be root canal therapy. If this is the case then an endodontist, as a specialist in this area of care, is an excellent choice.  Selecting our office as your endodontist in Lubbock, Texas means that you will be provided with the entire spectrum of the most advanced root canal services using state of the art technology. Ensuring your comfort, while delivering the most precise and effective treatment is our top priority. At Lubbock Endodontics, we offer comforting amenities, as well as options in dental sedation, to ensure a relaxed and stress-free experience.

Endodontist in Lubbock

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has damage or decay that has irreversibly affected the nerve inside the tooth. Your endodontist in Lubbock has received several years of advanced training and has the highest level of expertise for performing this essential procedure.  Underneath the biting surface of your tooth are core tissues, blood vessels and nerves referred to as the dental pulp. Dental pulp is crucial during the growth and development of a tooth, however, once the tooth has matured, the pulp is no longer essential for the tooth to remain functional. When the pulp dies or becomes irreversibly damaged, you may eventually experience a painful toothache and even develop an infection. By removing the damaged pulp, cleaning out the pulp chamber, and sealing the tooth, our endodontist can alleviate any pain you are experiencing and restore the health of your tooth. Root canal therapy has a high success rate and can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. At Lubbock Endodontics, your endodontist will be able to treat your condition with maximum accuracy, using 3-D imaging to assess decay and injury and to map out a precise treatment plan.

At Lubbock Endodontics, your endodontist in Lubbock, we are committed to keeping pace with advances in our field to deliver you the highest quality care. Our friendly staff make it easy to schedule an appointment with us. For more information, give us a call today.


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