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West Texas Endodontist

At Lubbock Endodontics, we provide the most advanced solutions to treat severely compromised teeth and preserve them in the dental arch. As your West Texas endodontist, we offer gentle, precise root canal therapy treatment, endodontic retreatment, apicocoectomies and other leading-edge techniques for saving teeth that have been damaged by injury, decay and dental disease. Cracked tooth syndrome is one of many reasons for visiting an endodontic specialist. The symptoms and severity of a cracked tooth can vary widely, but with the use of advanced technology and methods, we can diagnose this condition and recommend the most effective course of treatment.

West Texas Endodontist

A cracked tooth can be extremely uncomfortable, causing pain when you bite down, sensitivity to hot and cold or a continuous ache. Diagnosing a cracked tooth can be difficult, as even a microscopic crack can lead to oral pain. It is important to seek treatment immediately if you have a toothache, as early detection and intervention is key in achieving a favorable prognosis for a cracked tooth. In some cases root canal therapy treatment and a dental crown can successfully treat and restore a cracked tooth. Our West Texas endodontist is committed to the most conservative and effective approach to care, and will keep you informed throughout your visit.  Our team utilizes advanced digital radiography, CBCT 3-d imaging and microsurgical techniques to pinpoint the exactly where the damage to your tooth is located. We prioritize your comfort throughout treatment, and can utilize safe and controlled sedation techniques to help you feel at ease throughout your visit.

When you visit our West Texas endodontist to treat a cracked tooth, you can rest assured you’re in the best hands of care. With comforting amenities, sedation options and friendly, compassionate care, we’ll mitigate any anxiety or discomfort you’re experiencing. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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