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Lubbock Endodontist

Where can I find a Lubbock endodontist?

When the nerve inside one of your teeth becomes compromised, be it a result of decay, infection, or traumatic injury, it’s best to call in the specialists for treatment. Which kind of specialist, you ask? Why, your Lubbock endodontist, of course. Endodontists are the root canal specialists and have several years of advanced training in diagnosing and treating damage involving the nerves of your teeth and the consequences that they produce. At Lubbock Endodontics, our expert trained staff professional staff provides top of the line treatment whether you’re in need of root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, an apicoectomy, or associated care of damaged or injured teeth.

Lubbock Endodontist

Sometimes, with a traumatic injury, the inner part of your tooth—housing the blood vessels and nerves—can become irreversibly damaged. If left untreated, an infection can develop inside of the tooth, rapidly spreading, causing damage to the surrounding tissues, including the bone. Without the proper care, tooth loss and other consequences to your overall health may occur. Your Lubbock endodontist however, can provide the necessary care to resolve any infection and stop the progression of the damage. In order to help save your injured tooth, the infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth is first expertly removed. After carefully cleaning the area, it is disinfected and then sealed with a biocompatible rubber-like material to prevent reinfection. When a child injures an immature permanent tooth and needs a root canal, additional steps are taken to help the root continue to properly develop.  

If restorative care is required, such as the need for a crown, you will be referred to your general dentist after the procedure. Endodontists perform many root canal treatments on a daily basis—a procedure with a 95% success rate—so you can be confident that at Lubbock Endodontics, you are getting the utmost quality care from a seasoned professional.

Whatever type of root canal therapy that your teeth may require, your Lubbock endodontist is the specialist to go and see. At Lubbock Endodontics, they’ve truly considered every aspect of your comfort during care. Offering amenities for relaxation, including the option to watch a movie or listen to music during your procedure, they’ll help make your visit as stress free as possible. Call to make an appointment today.


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